March 06, 2015

Award 2015

Dusko Kondor Civil Courage Award for 2015

In 2007, the GARIWO non-governmental organization established the Duško Kondor Civil Courage Award and the Duško Kondor Award for Affirmation of Civil Courage, for the purpose of acknowledging those who have demonstrated civil courage in their personal acts or have contributed to the affirmation of civil courage.

The Board has relied, in selecting the laureates, on the two fundamental criteria determined by the seat of GARIWO in Milan, Italy for identifying the righteous: that the individual or group took significant risks when demonstrating civil courage and that there was no expectation of nor receipt of material benefit or any other form of recompense for what was done.

On the basis of the proposals received for 2014, the Board selected the following laureates:

Duško Kondor Civil Courage Award
and the Duško Kondor Award for Affirmation of Civil Courage
for 2015


Đoko Stevanović, Gornje Dubravice, BH – for civil courage - posthumously

Zoran Pusić, Zagreb, Croatia  – for civil courage

Senija Karamehić, Vareš, BH – for civil courage

Rašid Palić, Sarajevo, BH  – for civil courage

Latinka Perović, Belgrade, Serbia – for affirmation of civil courage


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Who bears the most blame for the lack of civil courage?


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